Web Development

Web Design
Harper Media creates websites that combine form and function. On the front end, we like clean, vibrant designs that are pleasant to look at and impress your clients. Behind the scenes, we build our websites using web standards and program with search engines in mind. Ultimately, we believe that people shouldn’t have to work to use your website. Your website has to work for people.

After discussing your needs and researching your user demographic, we can create a turn-key e-commerce site that focus on four key areas: site usability, site design, landing pages, and search engine optimization. While the details and strategy get a little involved, the result is always the same: we create e-commerce sites that are easy to find, easy to use, and make money.

HTML5 Web Development
If you want your website to be dynamic and have movement, a HTML5 website might be a good option for you. We create HTML5 websites that are fun to look at and never annoying. HTML5 can be used to capture your visitor’s attention, explain complex topics, or make enticing sales offers.

Content Management Systems
We can provide intuitive content management solutions for companies that need to update their websites quickly and easily. Basic features include: text and image editors, user admin, support and backup. Additional plug-ins: newsletter support, blogs, integrated forum(s), photo galleries and more.