Advertising Solutions

  • Media Buying
  • Strategy Development
  • Research
  • Market and Station Selection


  • TV and Radio production
  • Creative Commercial Writing
  • Ad Copy-writing

Consulting Services

  • Expansion strategy development and implementation (to other markets)
  • Business Operations Improvement
  • Radio and TV Time Negotiations and Purchase

All media schedules are developed under the following guidelines:

  • Prior response history and clearance factor on stations and networks
  • Demographic, geographic, and seasonal considerations
  • Negotiation of favorable remnant rates by station and day part
  • Leverage of additional market or station buys
  • Ability to clear statistically valid percentage of schedules for test analysis

We integrate all the key mediums that comprises an effective direct response media buy, including DRTV, online, print and radio; to ensure the success of the client’s direct response media campaign.

We know how to maximize the impact of your advertising campaign. You will receive results that are measurable, specific and immediate.

Our ROI process begins with a full analysis of market and station selection. It includes ad copy writing, endorser training, and fierce negotiations for choice times and the most talented personality. Cost per inquiry and cost per sale are tracked for every spot, every station and every endorser, so your campaign can be quickly tweaked for maximum efficiency.